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Steve Palfreyman: Music Marketing Mistakes & Music Launch Hub

This week we’re joined by Steve Palfreyman all the way from Melbourne, Australia. Steven is an artistpreneur who helps creative people thrive. He’s a marketing consultant and coach, and recently launched Music Launch Hub which aims to help musicians collaborate and support each other. Steve’s big on growing communities built on reciprocity, just like we are. We had a great chat with Steve about some of the mistakes artists make when marketing their music, the importance of telling stories, and his new Music Launch Hub community.


  • Steve is an empath, and this has shaped the way he approaches everything
  • We’re all a little bit weird, and this is probably why we all get along!
  • Whether we want to admit it, we all want people to like us
  • Steve tells us how he’s working on putting more of himself out there, rather than being who thinks people want him to be
  • We talk about some of the biggest mistakes artists are making when marketing themselves
  • A lot of artists think they need to do things because other artists are – but not everything is right for everyone
  • Marketing should be seen as your life, rather than something strategic or manipulative
  • The “gimme, gimme, gimme” attitude hurts more than it helps
  • We talk about the 80/20 rule, and how sometimes your social media should be 100% non-promotional
  • Promoting other artists benefits so many people – you, your audience and the artist you’re promoting
  • The story and the context of where you are is so important when it comes to sharing on social media
  • Steve shares some tips for effectively sharing music or playlists on social media
  • We hear all about Steve’s Music Launch Hub community, and the upcoming summit


  • Understanding your strengths and weaknesses is an important step a lot of artists miss
  • Being a curator and storyteller is incredibly valuable
  • We need to learn more about the platforms we’re using to use them more effectively
  • Think about the person you want to be friends with and how you would connect with them
  • Start telling stories that your ideal friend would want to hear
  • Try falling in love with marketing – you never know, you might just like it!
  • If you’re struggling with something, try looking at it from another perspective

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