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Alen Delain: Acting & Playing the Long Game

This week we’re joined by Toronto based actor, Alen Delain. Alen studied at Ryerson University and started his career by doing extra work on sets. He fell in love with the film industry and continued pursuing his dream in acting.

Some of the films and TV shows Alen has worked on, include The Dirties, Transcendent, Nikita, The Lottery, The Strain and Dark Matter.


  • Marcio shares the story of how he and Alen met each other
  • We hear how Alen got started in the film industry, and how he became an extra
  • You never know what job will get attention
  • We hear about Alen’s role in The Dirties, which ended up grabbing the attention of Kevin Smith
  • We talk about the advantages and disadvantages of being based outside of Hollywood
  • As artists, we love to find excuses as to why we aren’t succeeding – we create our own mental blocks
  • Alen tells us about working as an actor in Canada
  • Acting (and music) is a long game, and it’s all about the process
  • Writing and directing can help you improve as an actor, and vice versa
  • Creativity knows no bounds – it’s only a good thing to be creating in whichever way you feel!
  • “I like to create things while waiting for things to happen” – Alen Delain


  • Go to workshops, become better at your craft & understand the business better
  • When you’re ready to get into the industry, look for work and always remember it’s a business
  • Build your social media following as some casting agents pay attention to the size of your following
  • “Sometimes you don’t need a plan, you just need to do things”
  • Go into auditions aiming to impress yourself rather than the casting agent

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