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D Grant Smith: Radio Promotion & Relationship Building

This week we’re joined by music entrepreneur D Grant Smith, who helps musicians grow their audience through targeted initiatives, primarily in radio. He’s the host of internationally syndicated radio show, The Appetizer, which pairs well-known artist B-sides with new/emerging/unsigned artists to create a powerful listening experience.

He’s also the author of The DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook, and has an online course called the Indie Radio Promotion Course. As if all this wasn’t enough, he’s also the host of the DIY Artist Route podcast. There is a TON of valuable advice and insight shared in this episode – enjoy!


  • Every episode of Bridge the Atlantic is like Christmas for us!
  • The heart and soul of what D Grant Smith does is about relationship building and networking
  • We talk about how podcasting has helped us all make new friends and connections
  • Networking is simply the art of having conversations and building friendships over time
  • We hear how many artists have the wrong radio stations in mind when thinking about getting radio play
  • “Real radio is run by people who give a shit about what they’re playing!” – D Grant Smith, 2016
  • We talk about email mistakes musicians and others in the music industry make
  • The closer a relationship you can build with somebody, the longer they will stick with you
  • You’ve got to get people to like YOU – that will give them a reason to listen to your music
  • Blanket emails = a waste of time
  • “If you’re not committed to building relationships with people one-on-one, don’t bother reaching out to media”
  • D Grant Smith has a theory as to why most guests pick Ross during 20 Questions…
  • Farm what you already have, rather than hunting for something new
  • D Grant Smith is Marcio’s new music business crush
  • Get 50% off D Grant’s Indie Radio Promotion book with the coupon code beuncommon! (until  8th July, 2016)


  • A good place to start when getting radio play, look at public and community radio stations first and foremost
  • If you want to get in front of really influential people, make the time

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