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Laura Goldfarb: Choosing a Publicist, SXSW & PR Misconceptions

This week we’re excited to chat with music publicist and friend of the show, Laura Goldfarb! Laura is the big kahuna at Red Boot PR, and writer and producer at BTRtoday, where she also hosts the weekly Jam Session show. She created Red Boot PR in 2009, with the goal to breathe integrity back into the industry and treat PR clients like family.

She’s worked with artists including past guests, Keaton Simons, Jesse Macht and Gabe Dixon, and she also writes for Sonicbids blog for their “Ask A Publicist” section. She was recently a panelist at SXSW talking about the secrets of pitching your band, and has been featured on Examiner.com, Hypebot and Tunecore. She owns four pairs of red boots, and if you’re wearing a pair of your own when you see her, she’ll buy you a beer.

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  • Laura pours her heart and soul into everything she does (and it shows!)
  • One of the biggest misconceptions artists have around PR is the cost of good PR
  • When it comes to PR it’s a marathon, not a sprint
  • If someone promises you something that’s too good to be true, it probably is
  • With PR there are no guarantees – so don’t solely base your publicist on past placements
  • Laura tells us how independent artists can get their first placement themselves
  • We hear some examples of bad press photos Laura has received in submissions
  • Contact local press initially, and introduce yourself – give them a story that will interest them!
  • Never underestimate the power of the follow up
  • Laura shares her experience of SXSW and offers some tips for attendees to get the most out of conferences
  • Laura shares a story involving a butterfly which acts as a perfect networking metaphor
  • We hear how Laura landed Gabe Dixon a feature in Rolling Stone
  • We talk about the importance of working with people you like and click with, rather than just those who can (apparently) make things happen
  • By working with good people, we can help shape and create the industry we want to work in


  • Before you do anything, get all your ducks in a row – get a great bio, press photos, social platforms & website in place
  • “If someone says something that interests or fascinates you, let them know!” – Laura Goldfarb, 2016
  • Acknowledgement is so important, and really helps to build relationships
  • Be persistent but not obnoxious
  • When finding a publicist, go with someone you like and feel you can talk to
  • Choose the publicist you feel you could sit and have a beer with
  • “If anyone you’re working with makes you question your value, you don’t want to work with them” – Marcio Novelli, 2016

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