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Scheiffer Bates: Voice Acting, YouTube & Collaboration vs Competition

This week we’re excited to welcome Welsh voice actor and impressionist Scheiffer Bates to the show. Scheiffer is a man of many voices and he’s been taking the internet by storm lately with his Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead impression videos going viral, to name just a few. He’s racked up over 4 million views and 60,000 subscribers on YouTube and recently appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show! We hear all about the advice he would offer to fellow voice actors, the importance of treating your audience well, and Stewie Griffin makes a surprise appearance…

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  • Scheiffer shares that he would like to progress into voice acting for video games
  • We hear how Scheiffer found out he was good at impressions and how he got started
  • Scheiffer tells us how he fell in love with listening to, and learning how, people talk
  • Ross shines light on how terrible Marcio’s attempt at a Scottish accent is
  • Scheiffer wants to hear us doing a Welsh accent, and Ross gives it a shot
  • We hear about the pilot for Scheiffer’s E4 show “iCon” and how the idea was born
  • Don’t be discouraged – some of the greatest actors had to wait 10 or 15 years to get their first big role
  • We hear about Scheiffer’s experience on the Jimmy Kimmel show and how it was perfect timing
  • “There is nothing more unattractive than someone who isn’t grateful or humble” – Marcio Novelli, 2016
  • We talk about how Scheiffer handled some controversy around a recent Britain’s Got Talent contestant
  • We talk about the collaboration vs competition approach, and how it benefits everyone involved
  • Rather than tearing other people down, we have to show support to others
  • “I shake the hand of everyone on set – you’ve got to be nice to everyone” – Scheiffer Bates, 2016
  • “There is no excuse for NOT bringing other people up” – Scheiffer Bates, 2016
  • We talk about how some of the most successful people we know are the people who treat others well


  • Learn how to deal with rejection and keep pushing on through
  • If you want to do something like voice acting, you have to dedicate a lot of time
  • “It can’t just be a full time job, it has to be a full time obsession” – Scheiffer Bates, 2016
  • “Helping others succeed doesn’t take anything away from your own success” – Marcio Novelli, 2016
  • In building a fanbase on YouTube, you need to brand yourself correctly
  • Find your niche and socialise with your audience
  • Be loyal to your fans, and show appreciation sincerely
  • “Look after your fans because your fans will look after you” – Scheiffer Bates, 2016

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