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Noah Guthrie: YouTube Covers, Glee & Creative Patience

This week we’re joined by South Carolina based singer/songwriter Noah Guthrie. Noah’s had a really interesting journey so far – his cover of “Sexy and I Know It” went viral and led to features on NBC’s Today Show, Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, and Dancing With The Stars. He’s also opened concerts for Ed Sheeran, Cobra Starship and Selena Gomez, and in 2013, he released his debut album “Among The Wildest Things.” In 2015 he landed a feature role in Glee, starring as Roderick. Noah tells us all about his experiences with YouTube, what auditioning for Glee was like, and the advice he’d offer to his fellow musicians. Enjoy!

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  • We are full of praise for Gabe Dixon, who is responsible for introducing us to Noah!
  • Noah is an old soul, but is embracing modern technology and social media to get his music out there
  • We hear how Noah’s YouTube covers led to his first management deal and TV exposure
  • Noah shares how he works with his family, and if he’s not humble or modest, they’d be the first to let him know!
  • You can’t predict viral success – it’s down to whether people like it and who shares it
  • Noah tells us how he’s built a big audience in Europe via YouTube
  • We hear how Noah landed a feature role in Glee, and how it was completely unexpected!
  • Noah tells us about the audition experience for Glee, and how it looked like the casting team hated him!
  • We hear how Noah’s Glee experience was the perfect storm of the right time, and right people
  • Noah tells us about his new single and upcoming EP
  • We hear how when Noah’s not on the road, he really wants to be back out there!
  • Noah wishes he knew when starting out how long it can take to get your first “break”


  • If you’re not using social media, you’re missing out on a big potential audience
  • You need to learn to be happy with what you create
  • Be patient when learning and developing your craft
  • Music is not a competition – stop comparing your journey to the journey of others
  • Be happy for the success of others

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