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Matt Wade (My Silent Bravery): Overcoming Adversity & Paying it Forward

This week we’re joined by one man band Matt Wade, aka My Silent Bravery. Following a sports injury in his youth, Matt has turned physical adversity into musical success, with numerous placements on TV, college radio play, and nationwide tours under his belt. A strong believe in “paying it forward” Matt wants to inspire others through the music of My Silent Bravery.
Matt’s shared the stage with artists including Daughtry, Delta Rae, Howie Day, and Tyler Ward, and has released 4 full length records independently, with his most recent – Breakthrough – due for release in fall 2016.
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  • We hear how Matt’s sports injury and spiritual studies led to him pursuing music
  • Matt says he’s not someone who was born with musicality, he had to really work at it!
  • We talk about the importance of “paying it forward”
  • “I’m nothing without the fans who listen to my music” – Matt Wade, 2016
  • Matt tells us how he pays it forward through charity and volunteer work
  • To Matt, the name My Silent Bravery means persistence and overcoming obstacles
  • As creatives, we all need reminders that it’s not always all about us
  • Three words of inspiration: “You’re gonna die” – Gary Vaynerchuk
  • We hear about the new single “Drunk Off The Sun”
  • Matt tells us about the new My Silent Bravery album “Breakthrough”
  • Marcio suggests Matt makes a music video combining his love of music and sports
  • We accidentally sabotage Matt’s 20 Questions section – he would have broken the record if it wasn’t for us!
  • “When I enjoy it more, it leads to others enjoying the work more” – Matt Wade, 2016
  • “It can’t be anything unless it’s about other people” – Matt Wade, 2016
  • We talk about the importance of patience and how so many artists quit before something big is about to happen
  • We talk about the importance of having friends and allies in the music business


  • Your career is a constant journey and process – be patient
  • Work with people you really enjoy working with and who bring out the best of you
  • Make sure you’re accomplishing things you feel good about
  • Enjoy the process as well as the end result

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