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Morgan Myles: Attitude, Teamwork & Vocal Recording

Our guest this week is Nashville based singer/songwriter Morgan Myles.

Morgan completed her first solo record in 2009, writing every song and promoting it throughout Europe. Shortly after, she opened for Reba McEntire, and played at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. Her most eye-opening moment was performing for US troops departing for Iraq at Camp Shelby Mississippi where she rediscovered the power of music. She also caught the attention of BMI’s Mark Mason and was featured in the Key West Songwriter’s festivals, BMI Buzz showcases, as well as BMI Presents.

Morgan’s latest EP received great reviews from the industry including Music Row Magazine, Taste of Country, as well as CMT who aired an exclusive premiere of her music video, “Whiskey Dreaming.”

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  • Ross shares how he discovered Morgan on a Spotify Discover Weekly playlist
  • Morgan shares her experience of being a road musician
  • In a touring band, you have to treat everyone equally
  • Being in the background gives you an appreciation for how a band works as a team
  • Having a bad tour experience has made Morgan more aware of how to treat the musicians she works with
  • Morgan shares a story about how incredible Reba McEntire treats the musicians she takes on tour
  • We talk about how a good attitude is a factor in creating a long-term successful career
  • “If you’re doing something for the wrong reasons, it’s probably not going to last” – Morgan Myles, 2016
  • We hear about Morgan’s experience in recording an alternative rock project, and how it’s influenced her writing since
  • We talk about the beauty of simplicity and stripped arrangements in music
  • “Soul never ends up going away in any genre” – Morgan Myles, 2016
  • We talk about how if a song can stand alone as an acoustic song, it’s a good song!
  • Morgan tells us about the vocal recording process, and how she prefers to record her vocals
  • We hear how Morgan’s music ended up in documentaries and film – it’s all about being open to opportunities
  • Morgan tells us about opening for Rick Springfield and how obsessive his fans are
  • “We’re on this Earth to be happy, so do what makes you happy” – Morgan Myles, 2016


  • Don’t compare yourself to anybody
  • Be true to who you are and stay positive about your future
  • The BS of the music industry has nothing to do with you as a person
  • We all have a different path, so don’t compare your journey’s to someone else’s

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