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Shervin Lainez: Music Photography, Work Ethic & Reputation

This week we’re joined by New York based music photographer Shervin Lainez. Shervin’s photographed many of our past guests (including Keaton Simons, Wendy Parr, Bright Light Bright Light and Gabe Dixon), as well as major and independent artists such as Amanda Palmer, Panic! At the Disco, Tegan and Sara, Regina Spektor and Sara Barielles. In this episode, we hear more about Shervin’s work, the experiences he’s had, and the advice he would give to artists from a photographer’s perspective.

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  • We hear how Shervin started his photography career
  • Shervin wanted to be around and work with musicians, and photography was the way to do it!
  • “If I was able to take photos of musicians or collaborate visually with musicians, I could contribute to their projects” – Shervin Lainez, 2016
  • We hear how Shervin moved to New York from DC to pursue music photography
  • As an artist, knowing what you like and knowing your musical identity really helps when working with a photographer
  • The best people to work with are the people who know how they would like to be presented
  • “It’s so important for creative people to know who they are” – Shervin Lainez, 2016
  • Music is still the main focus – the photography should compliment the project and translate it visually
  • “Wear to a shoot what you would perform in” – Shervin Lainez, 2016
  • A photographer should make the subject feel comfortable, and make the process easy for the artist
  • Shervin tells us about the biggest mistake he sees photographers making… and that’s being an asshole
  • Ross defends his love of Friends, and Shervin wants to fix him


  • You’ll never be the best or most talented at what you do, but you can be the hardest working
  • Don’t try to be the best, just try and work the hardest
  • Work a lot harder and more often than you think you have to
  • When you start to get comfortable, it’s time to step it up

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