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The Icarus Account: Connecting Through Music, Teamwork & Fan Experiences

This week we’re joined by singer/songwriters Trey and Ty Turner of The Icarus Account. The Icarus Account have released 7 albums independently since 2007, with their latest album “Over The Moon” out now. Their music has enabled them to make countless connections all over the world through his music, which the band say is more important to them than anything else.

The band are definitely on our wavelength – in their bio, they say “We love writing. We love recording. We love meeting fans for the first time and calling them friends by the end of the night.” In this interview we hear about how they’ve coped with changes in the industry over the past 10 years, the advice they’d offer to fellow artists, and about their new record, “Over the Moon.”

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  • If you don’t like photos of Trey’s dog, you probably shouldn’t follow him on Instagram!
  • We talk about the changes in the music industry and how the guys have stayed focused
  • We hear how Ty and Trey balance the different responsibilities and roles required in the new music industry
  • Ty tells us how the decline of Myspace impacted them as musicians
  • We hear how long term ways of keeping in touch with your audience are so important
  • Trey = right brain / Ty = left brain / The Icarus Account = full brain
  • We hear how Ty and Trey compliment each other with their different skillsets
  • The guys tell us about some of the most memorable fan experiences they’ve had
  • We set Ty and Trey against each other in our 20 Questions section
  • Talent + Attitude = Talittude
  • No-one knows what swamp cabbage is; who can tell us what it is?
  • Ross = king of the segue
  • We hear about The Icarus Account’s new album “Over the Moon”
  • Trey shares how their fans didn’t just need new material, they needed better material
  • With the new album, the band spent much more time working on this record than others


  • “You have to stay passionate about the music at all times” – Ty Turner, 2016
  • “You have to be willing to experiment and capitalise on the opportunities technology presents” – Trey Turner, 2016
  • You have to be persistent and willing to get your hands dirty in this industry
  • A musician isn’t just a musician anymore – you have to know how to do the business stuff, too
  • If you’re driven enough, you can open doors
  • You’re going to hear people say no – don’t get discouraged
  • Just because one person doesn’t like your music, doesn’t mean someone else won’t
  • You should always be learning and improving – you have to put the work into your craft

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