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Christine Infanger: The Business of Music, Integrity & Building a Team

This week we’re joined by Christine Infanger out of Chicago – a virtual assistant to musicians, dog lover and Michael Bolton expert. Christine helps artists with social media, fan engagement, business plans, email correspondence and more. She also runs the music blog Thirty Roses, where she posts music industry news and articles to help today’s independent musician keep on top of what’s going on in the business. In this interview we learn more about Christine’s passion for music, when it’s time for an artist to build a team, and what to look for in potential team members.

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  • To Christine, music is the most important thing in the world
  • We talk about when it’s time for an artist to build their team
  • Christine shares her backstory, and it really helped us understand why she’s so passionate about music
  • We hear how after her fiance’s passing, Christine didn’t really feel like she fit in anywhere, but music really helped her
  • “As a musician, you are an entrepreneur” – Christine Infanger, 2016
  • Everyone thinks they need a manager, but in many cases a virtual assistant is what they really need!
  • Christine tells us why she likes working with smaller artists – she just wants to get them on the right path!
  • Artists need knowledge and education to make the right decisions
  • “The artists who treat their work like a business are the best ones to work with” – Ross Barber-Smith, 2016
  • Christine says it’s important to maintain her integrity – one of the many reasons we love her!
  • We hear some of the tasks that artists can and should be delegating
  • The biggest challenge Christine faces is artists being so used to do everything themselves
  • Marcio = Marilyn Manson / Ross = Celine Dion
  • Christine’s favourite Marcio Novelli song = This Song Is Not For You


  • When reaching out to potential team members, you have to be realistic about where you are
  • You have to let your team do what you’re paying them to do
  • “The more you have a business foundation for your music, the more creative freedom you will have” – Christine Infanger, 2016

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