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Tom Goss: Music Videos, Self Worth & Authentic Connection

Joining us this week is singer/songwriter and LGBT activist Tom Goss out of Los Angeles, California. Tom is known for his inventive videos and his heartfelt songs, which aim higher and strike deeper. Tom’s music has been featured on ABC, HBO, MTV’s LOGO & he can be heard on hundreds of radio stations across the US. In this interview we talk about why Tom thinks music videos are one of the most important things an artist can make, the juxtaposition of faith and sexuality, and the advice he’d offer to his fellow musicians.

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  • We hear how Tom juggled music and non-profit work for many years
  • Tom shares that he believes music videos are one of the most important things an independent musician can make
  • People don’t share playlists or audio tracks in the same way they do music videos
  • Tom shares how some venues won’t book him as an independent LGBT artist
  • “I’m always striving to be authentic and connect with people in a real, honest way” – Tom Goss
  • “It’s more important to connect with a few people in an authentic way rather than a large number in a superficial way” – Tom Goss
  • Tom shares talks about the juxtapositions that exist with faith and sexuality
  • “I don’t care what anyone else does, as long as it’d doesn’t hurt anyone else” – Tom Goss
  • “Being a good person = the golden rule” – Marcio Novelli
  • Tom wasn’t informed about the things he’s “supposed” to like as a gay man
  • We hear how Tom feels he’s spent so much time tiptoeing around other people in his career
  • Tom shares how in the Mid West, humility is the greatest asset you can have – but it can hold you back
  • The word “just” can make such a difference to how you, and others, view what you do
  • We hear how Tom has started to pay attention to compliments instead of brushing them off


  • “You need to be making videos that are good, interesting and different” – Tom Goss
  • Don’t give in to fear and do what you want to do
  • Self deprecation is not helpful
  • Make what you make, do the best you can at the time and put it out in the world
  • Believe in the value of your work and yourself

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