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Jason Paige: Pokémon Go & Living a Creative Life

Joining us this week is singer, writer and actor, Jason Paige. You may not know his name, but you’ve almost definitely heard his voice – Jason is the voice behind the Pokemon theme, and he’s also recorded hundreds of jingles for brands such as Mountain Dew and Subway. He’s performed with Blood Sweat and Tears, Aerosmith and Michael Jackson, among many others, and he’s collaborated on #1 hits and co-written 2 musicals.

In the world of theatre, Jason starred in “Rent” at the Hollywood Bowl directed by Neil Patrick Harris, “Godspell” and the 25th anniversary National tour of “Hair”. He’s done way too much to mention in this intro! We’re excited to learn from his vast experience, hear about his one man show “The Jason Paige Show” and when it comes to Pokemon, if he’s managed to catch ‘em all.

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  • In this episode you’ll hear an intro unlike any other, courtesy of Jason Paige!
  • “Music is meant to be spontaenous” – Jason Paige
  • Jason shares how everyone’s voice is unique and the character of our voices is what makes them recognisable
  • We hear how Jason is very involved in creative community building
  • Jason tells us about how he became the voice behind the Pokémon theme
  • We get some behind the scenes examples of the process behind Jason’s Pokémon theme performance
  • Jason talks about the impact Pokémon has had on his career and also the people who love the show
  • Jason shares why he never really stepped forward as “the voice” of the Pokémon theme at risk of being pigeonholed
  • “Specialization is the killer of creativity” – Jason Paige
  • “Like Pokémon, we need to find the things that make us evolve and take us to the next level” – Jason Paige
  • Jason tells us about the experience of working with Michael Jackson
  • Jason does some killer impressions of Martin Scorsese, Samuel L Jackson and our favourite, Michael Bolton


  • Make up your own commercials or put music to existing commercials to create examples
  • Success = where preparation and opportunity collide
  • Hurry up and be wrong, so you can be more right
  • The creative process is all about not being afraid to be wrong

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