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Nate Barcalow: Finch Breakup, Private Lives & Exploring Genres

Joining us this week is Nate Barcalow, vocalist of Finch, Earthbound Ghost, Reverend Crow, and now, Private Lives. With Finch, Nate released 3 EPs and 3 studio albums, with “What It Is To Burn” considered by many as one of the most influential post-hardcore records of the 2000s.

Nate has most recently embarked on a new project with Kenny Finn called Private Lives, and in this interview we hear more about what they’re working on, Nate’s side of the story in relation to Finch’s breakup, and the advice he’d offer to his fellow musicians.

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  • We talk about Nate’s latest project Private Lives, and the songs they’ve released so far
  • We hear how Nate’s been surprised by people’s reactions to some of the Private Lives songs
  • “Do what makes you happy and if people like it, then great!” – Nate Barcalow
  • Nate shares how he had a specific idea of how he wanted Private Lives to sound
  • Nate shares how he’s interested in exploring different sounds and what he is capable of
  • We talk about the importance of not being limited to one genre, both as an artist, and as a fan
  • Nate shares how the expectations are different with a new band compared to an existing band
  • We talk about how you can’t just create the same album over and over again
  • Nate shares the irony of his band being called Private Lives, yet having to use social media as a promotional tool
  • “No-one really has a private life anymore – it’s all out in the open” – Nate Barcalow
  • Ross and Marcio plead their cases in the 20 Questions section
  • We hear Nate’s side of the story in relation to Finch’s breakup
  • Being in a band is like a marriage – sometimes things just don’t work out


  • If you’re having issues within your band, you have to be real and talk about it
  • Not all problems can be worked out, but you have to try and make it work

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