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JT Tollas: Famous Last Words, Concept Albums & Making Mistakes

This week we’re joined by Famous Last Words vocalist JT. Famous Last Words recently signed to past guest Shawn Milke’s label, Revival Recordings, and released their new album “The Incubus” in September.

Since forming in 2009, the band has released 3 concept albums and 3 EPs, and toured the US extensively. In this interview, we chat with JT about what to look for in a record deal, concept albums, and why it’s important to make mistakes.

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  • We hear about the influence JT’s education has had on the art he creates with Famous Last Words
  • JT tells us how he balances fatherhood and being in a touring band
  • “Creativity, if you have multiple passions, why hold yourself back?” – Marcio Novelli
  • JT tells us how his daughter always reminds him to never give up
  • We talk about the importance of signing to a label where the relationship is mutually beneficial
  • JT tells us about why they chose Revival Recordings over other labels
  • “I’ll spend a million dollars to make sure the art is up to par, even if it leaves me in the red – everytime” – JT Tollas
  • We talk about Famous Last Words’ decision to release concept albums vs EPs
  • JT tells us how he likes to tell stories through music
  • “Every time I make a mistake, I learn from that mistake” – JT Tollas


  • When signing to a label, know what your non-negotiables going to be
  • Get a lawyer to look over any record label contracts – the language is confusing for a reason
  • Make sure there is an exit clause in your contract so if promises aren’t being kept, you are protected
  • “Make sure you’re protected, even if you 100% trust the person you are working with” – JT Tollas

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