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Phillip Ryan Block: Independent Ear, Community & Diversity

Joining us this week is Phillip Ryan Block out of Illinois, founder of Independent Ear. Independent Ear form the team of management, recording, branding, and booking that pushes the hardest working artists ahead to their full journey’s end.

Independent Ear is built on the pillars of cooperation, motivation, inspiration and community – and Ryan himself is a true example of what can be achieved through collaboration, relationship building and perseverance. In this interview, we talk about the importance of community, what Independent Ear offers artists, and some advice for artists who are wanting to approach a label.

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  • We talk with Ryan about the importance of having a community around you in the music industry
  • “If you don’t have community, it’s impossible to build something with importance” – Ryan Block, 2016
  • Talking to people is the best way to build relationships in the music industry
  • Ryan talks about the partnership Independent Ear has created with the ILS Group
  • Ryan says that the ILS Group partnership helps make what he has built more packable
  • Ryan shares why he believes diversity is an advantage in a label roster
  • “Diversity in music is what makes music as impactful as it is” – Ryan Block, 2016
  • Diversity allows relationships to be created first, rather than pushing product first
  • Ryan tells us more about what Independent Ear can offer artists as a label
  • Ryan shares what he hopes the partnership with ILS Group will enable Independent Ear to achieve
  • We hear how Ryan would like to bring street teams back into the forefront of music promotion
  • Ross gets stuck in the “Bolt Zone” and we propose that as a name for Michael Bolton’s street team
  • Ross & Marcio send out a heartfelt plea to Michael Bolton to appear on the show (again)
  • “I’ve made mistakes, and I own them” – Ryan Block, 2016
  • Ryan expects his artists to work their asses off (as they should!)


  • Have a human element to your music and building your fanbase
  • You need to have an engaged social media following for labels to be interested in you
  • Know your value – not in monetary value, but in what you can bring to the relationship
  • Any business relationship needs to be mutually beneficial
  • “You need the losses to appreciate the wins” – Ryan Block, 2016

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