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Justin Pierre: Motion City Soundtrack, Drinking & Longevity

This week we’re excited to be joined by Justin Pierre out of Minnesota. Justin was the co-founder and lead vocalist of Motion City Soundtrack, and with them released 6 albums between 1997 and 2015. The band’s songs gave thoughtful perspectives on mental health and self-doubt, and they recently wrapped up a farewell tour…but hopefully it’s not the end!

Justin’s known for his very personal lyrics, trademark sideburns and glasses, and he also hosts a podcast with his wife called Book Narcs. He also makes short films and directs music videos, with some of his credits including work for Limbeck and Sing It Loud. In this interview, Justin talks about Motion City Soundtrack’s longevity, overcoming his drinking problem, and why he believes it’s important to support other musicians. Enjoy!

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  • Justin shares what he believes the secret to Motion City Soundtrack’s longevity is
  • Justin shares how MCS dealt with some big issues in the band early on
  • We hear how understanding and respecting each other is a big part of keeping a band together
  • “Being in Motion City Soundtrack has been one of the best experiences of my life” – Justin Pierre
  • Justin shares how the live performance was the hardest part of being in MCS as he never felt good enough
  • “The only person who can really deal with a problem is that person” – Justin Pierre
  • Justin shares how his drinking affected the band, and how they managed to overcome it
  • We hear how Justin has decided to start listening to his gut feeling, instead of stuffing it away
  • “For years I’ve been stuffing my feelings down, and I’m just discovering them for the first time” – Justin Pierre
  • Justin shares how with sobriety, as an artist, he has different things to say
  • “I like music to hurt!” – Justin Pierre
  • We hear about Justin’s plans for a solo record, and how he wants to approach it
  • “Support the art you love” – Justin Pierre
  • Justin shares how he supports the artists he loves (and wins our hearts in the process)

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