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Lucy Spraggan: Independent Success, Support Slots & Mental Health

Joining us this week is Manchester based singer/songwriter Lucy Spraggan. Lucy became a household name in the UK after appearing on the 2012 season of X Factor, and since has found chart success, with many of her singles reaching the top 20 in the UK charts.

Her fourth album ‘I Hope You Don’t Mind Me Writing…’ is released on 27th January, through her own label CTRL Records. In this interview, we hear more about the new record, Lucy’s X Factor experience, why she completely changed her management team recently, and more!

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  • Lucy tells us about her X Factor experience
  • We hear how Lucy believes that the music industry is less appearance focused than it was a few years ago
  • Lucy shares why it’s important for musicians to raise awareness of mental health issues
  • We hear how Lucy isn’t writing to please the major labels anymore
  • Lucy tells us about her new album and what we can expect from it
  • On her new album: “I don’t care if the radio don’t like it”
  • We hear how Lucy completely changed her management and the team around her
  • We talk about the importance of having the right team around you
  • Ironically, now that Lucy is no longer trying to please the radio, the radio LOVE her new single!
  • “You guys aged yourselves with Michael Bolton!”
  • Lucy believes musicians supporting each other is crucial to the fellowship of music
  • Lucy shares how so many support slots are buy-ons now, and how she doesn’t agree with that
  • We need more people like Lucy in the music industry – because she’s awesome
  • “Everyone could tell I was gay when I walked on that stage by the way I walked and what I was wearing!” – Lucy Spraggan
  • Lucy is great at leaving sassy comments on Facebook – you should check them out


  • Write music and then get out and play in local clubs and open mic nights
  • Support slots are crucial in the live scene
  • As an artist, be open and transparent about your sexuality only if YOU want to be

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