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Kevin Porter: Production, Collaboration & Following Opportunities

Our guest this week is producer/engineer and founder of Flashgrove Music, Kevin Porter. Kevin has more than a decade of professional experience working alongside the top producers, recording engineers, mixers, and songwriters the music industry has to offer. He has lent his ears, production, and engineering expertise to Gold and Platinum-selling albums, as well as GRAMMY award-winning projects.

Kevin has engineered for some of the most successful music producers, artists, and songwriters on the planet, including Ryan Tedder, Mutt Lange, Ne-Yo, and Skylar Grey. Flashgrove Music was built with the mission to empower artists to realize their vision, reach professional goals, and achieve personal success.

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  • We hear how Kevin moved to LA to follow the opportunities he was being presented with
  • “Only 12 notes in western music, with endless possibilities” – Kevin Porter
  • Kevin shares with us what he believes his biggest weakness is
  • “If a song doesn’t make it off your hard drive, are you really a music producer?” – Kevin Porter
  • Kevin shares what he learned from working with experienced engineers early in his career
  • “You have to be one – or four – steps ahead of everyone else!” – Kevin Porter
  • “Assistant engineers who are incredible almost always go on to be amazing engineers” – Kevin Porter
  • “There is such magic in the collaborative process” – Kevin Porter
  • Kevin shares how he loves having some creative license when producing for artists
  • If you love making music, you can still make a career in the industry
  • Kevin tells us why he always grabs coffee with anyone before he works with them
  • Trust is so important when working with others in the business, especially as music is so personal
  • Marcio “treats” us to his pilot impression


  • When looking for a producer, make sure they have an understanding of your project
  • Credits and names are not everything – find a producer who understands your genre and vision
  • It’s important to find a producer who understands how to serve the song
  • If you want to be a producer, you have to be dedicated and live the life

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