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B-Sides: Episode #5 – Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media

In our fifth instalment of B-SIDES, we’re talking about social media; the do’s and don’ts, and sharing some of the mistakes we see people making, and how they can avoid making them. We’ve also got some bonus segments from Damian Keyes, Benji Rogers and Terry McBride. Enjoy!

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  • We talk about the pros and cons of using multiple platforms vs focusing your energies on just one or two
  • So much of social media success comes down to trial and error and finding what works for you, as everyone is different
  • “Focus on what you enjoy, and where your audience are, and you’ll be on the right track.” -Ross
  • We share a segment from Damian Keyes where he talks about a band building a fanbase using Snapchat alone
  • “It’s called SOCIAL media for a reason!” – Ross
  • “Too many people tend to just shout about upcoming releases and shows, rather than investing time in getting to know the people who follow them.” -Marcio
  • We talk about the importance of building two-way relationships over social media
  • “If you can build connections with the people who follow you, then they’re more likely to want to support you because they like you and feel valued!” -Ross
  • We share a segment from Pledge Music founder Benji Rogers about gaining support from your audience
  • We talk about people not doing their research when it comes to contacting music industry professionals via social media
  • “If you’re sending someone your music because you’re seeking management, it’s probably a good idea to find out if they’re involved in management FIRST!” -Ross
  • “If you want to be featured on a podcast or magazine, check that they cover your genre of music, or that they accept submissions at all!” -Marcio
  • “Make sure any communication you have is personal and you’re not just demanding someone does something for you” -Ross/li>
  • We share a hilarious segment from Terry McBride where someone reached out to him without doing some basic research first


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