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Melissa Verwey: Auditions, Super Villains & Voice Acting


Melissa Verwey is a Canadian actress based in Hamilton, Ontario. She has performed in numerous plays, musicals, indie films, festivals and sketch comedies. We spoke with Melissa about her experiences, auditions, voice acting, and to find out what advice she would offer to aspiring actors.


  • We learn that Melissa is a big fan of ketchup
  • Ross shares a (somewhat irrelevant) personal story about contact lenses
  • Melissa tells us about using rejection and observation as a learning experience
  • We talk about forgetting lines on stage and missing cues
  • Melissa tells us why she had to stop watching Breaking Bad for a while
  • Marcio and Melissa talk about learning new skills to get parts
  • “If you’ve touched something once, you can do it”
  • You can find Marcio in the front row of Melissa’s play [Jenny’s House of Joy] …with his pants off (but not really)
  • We talk about the importance of believing in yourself, keeping positive and dreaming big
  • “You’re never as good as they say and you’re never as bad as they say”
  • Melissa talks about pros and cons of playing a villain
  • We talk about bad auditions and Melissa shares some of the worst ones she’s had
  • Marcio + Ross = Moss
  • Melissa talks about the difference between acting for film and acting on stage
  • We talk about voice over work, and Melissa tells us how she narrated a children’s book


  • In auditions, don’t shake someone’s hand unless they shake yours
  • Show confidence and personality, and don’t show you’re nervous
  • Don’t hold back


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