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Tam: Accents, Merch & The Apartment Sessions

We were joined by New York-based Australian singer/songwriter Tamara Hansson (aka Tam) for a laughter-filled episode of Bridge The Atlantic. We chatted about accents, her new EP “The Apartment Sessions” and the challenges of deciding what merch to sell when you’re not a metal band. Enjoy!


  • We discuss the differences between New York, Brisbane and London.
  • Tam tells us about her new EP “The Apartment Sessions” and how she’s playing in people’s apartments to promote it
  • Tam demonstrates a variety of accents for us
  • Marcio tries to do a Scottish accent… but fails (every time!)
  • We all agree that food is awesome and we find out that Tam has a lot to say about scones
  • Marcio is getting better at the art of the segue
  • We discuss creative merch options and Tam enlightens us to what a beer stubbie is
  • We talk about Tam’s video “One Day I’ll Come Home” which since recording has won the Australian Creative Community Challenge for Australians in New York Award
  • Ross and Tam educate Marcio on what fairy lights are, and we discuss the differences in how we all talk
  • We’re all agree that we’re waiting for the US to switch over to the metric system
  • Ross accidentally calls Tam by the wrong name, and everything just spirals out of control


  • Don’t just talk about it; do it!
  • Read as much material as you can
  • You have to really want to do it
  • Do something that benefits your career everyday
  • Create good relationships with people


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