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Jesse Cannon: Music Production & Artist Management

Jesse Cannon is a New York based producer, artist manager, author and podcaster. Jesse has worked with artists including Man Overboard, Transit, The Cure and Senses Fail, and is co-author of “Get More Fans: The DIY Guide to the Music Business.” In addition to his production and management work, Jesse also hosts two podcasts – “Off The Record” with Zack Zarrillo, and “Jesse Cannon Talks To…”


  • Ross is 25% through reading Jesse’s book: “Get More Fans: The DIY Guide to the Music Business”
  • Marcio is living in the past
  • Jesse is the best white dancer in Brooklyn.. this may or may not be true
  • Jesse tells us about managing Transit and Man Overboard, and how he played a part in getting them both signed to Rise Records
  • We hear that Jesse sometimes feeds the trolls
  • We talk about the transition a band goes through when changing management
  • Jesse tells us about working with The Cure and some of his favourite producers
  • We hear how addictive creativity can be
  • We discuss the importance of truth and authenticity, not just in music, but in general
  • Ross and Jesse talk about the way they work with artists, and how it’s important to help artists out and build good relationships
  • Jesse tells us when he thinks bands should start looking for a producer and how you should find the right match for you
  • We make Jesse choose between U2 and Coldplay because Ross knows Jesse doesn’t have much love for either of them…
  • Ross and Marcio fight to win Jesse’s affection
  • We talk about Off The Record, the awesome podcast Jesse hosts with Zack Zarrillo


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