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Stacey Sherman: Publicity, Lita Ford & The GRAMMYs

This week on Bridge The Atlantic we’re joined by publicist and rock star princess, Stacey Sherman. With her company RSP Entertainment Marketing, Stacey has worked with some of the most respected names on the indie music scene, including GoGirls Music, Cindy Alexander, and Hong Kong based band Noughts and Exes. In this episode we talk about what a publicist does, the misconceptions artists may have about working with a publicist, and what it’s like to attend the GRAMMYs.


  • Ross and Stacey are both pyjama workers
  • On Bridge The Atlantic, pants are optional
  • Don’t spell Stacey’s name wrong (or feel her wrath)
  • Stacey tells us about the experience of attending the GRAMMYs
  • We talk about the sense of community amongst indie artists at the GRAMMYs
  • Stacey tells us about the projects she’s currently working on
  • We hear all about Stacey’s recent experience on the other side of the microphone, interviewing rock legend Lita Ford
  • Stacey tells us the biggest mistakes and misconceptions artists have around what a publicist does
  • Stacey is a grammar nazi and super organized
  • “When I know I’m right, I’m going to make sure everyone knows I’m right!” – Stacey Sherman, 2015
  • Stacey tells us how she decides which artists she works with
  • We share a little about why we started Bridge The Atlantic
  • Canada has beavers, Scotland has unicorns


  • You don’t have to be a big time star to hire a publicist
  • When you start to feel you can’t do your creative job because there’s too much business to take care of, that’s when you need to expand your team


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