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Elizabeth Rohrbaugh: Filmmaking, Dylan & The Perfect Victim

This week we’re joined by Emmy Award winning director Elizabeth Rohrbaugh. Elizabeth spent ten years as a director, writer and editor at MTV Networks and is now the creative director of Outer Borough Pictures. Her latest short film “Dylan” premiered at the St. Louis International Film Festival 2014, and screened at the Boston LGBT Film Festival, Queer Fest, and the Melbourne Queer Film Festival.


  • Being vegetarian/vegan IS a competition
  • Elizabeth and Marcio have way too much in common
  • Bridge The Atlantic is a non-romantic matchmaking service
  • We hear about Elizabeth’s time at MTV and the experience of working with household names
  • Elizabeth’s career highlights have been the most creative ones
  • We hear about Elizabeth’s feature documentary “The Perfect Victim” which has been picked up by The World Channel
  • Elizabeth tells us about her latest short film Dylan which arose from an interview with a childhood friend
  • We hear how Elizabeth had to turn a 2 hour long interview into an 8 minute short film – we think she did an amazing job!
  • Elizabeth tells us about the casting of Dylan and how lucky she feels to find Becca Blackwell to play the part
  • When Elizabeth was younger, she poured a soda on someone’s head because they said she wasn’t married to Michael J Fox
  • We learn that they serve alcohol in the movie theatres in St Louis


  • Learn to deal with rejection because it’s something you’re going to have to face
  • Believe in the work you’re doing and don’t just follow trends – get your own vision out there
  • Have paying work that is separate from your creative work, so you’re not dependent on your finances coming from your creativity
  • The film business is all about networking and taking one step after another
  • Seek feedback and be persistent
  • Don’t be afraid to submit your films to large festivals, but make sure you check the criteria first


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