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Patrice K. Cokley: Branding, Authenticity & Marketing

This week we’re joined by Patrice K. Cokley, founder of The Bassline Group – a music-inspired brand management and marketing firm based in Chicago, helping to empower musicians and creative entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and reach a wider audience. In this episode, we talk about branding, the importance of authenticity and Patrice’s love for Miss Janet Jackson!


  • Patrice is a fan of the show!
  • Patrice HAS to see Janet Jackson live. She just has to.
  • Patrice has a lot of praise for Ross (he designed The Bassline Group’s website)
  • We hear about the beginnings of The Bassline Group and what Patrice does.
  • The Bassline is a metaphor – it’s the foundation of a song, and it’s the foundation of your career
  • We talk about the importance of branding for musicians
  • Your brand is not just your music or your appearance – it’s about showing more of who you are as a person
  • Ross says Marcio talks about being vegan all the time (which is kind of true)
  • We talk about how Marcio talking about veganism online has opened the door to new opportunities
  • Marcio ALWAYS uses Jared Leto as an example
  • Patrice tells us how she likes to get to know her clients on a personal level as it helps her to spot opportunities that they might not have thought about
  • Brand sounds too business-y – we need a new word!
  • People can spot fakery so easily – be authentic!
  • Newsflash! it’s 2015, not 1995. Thanks for that, Marcio.
  • Patrice never lets her clients go outside looking crazy!
  • We talk about some common mistakes artists make in their approach to branding and marketing.


  • As an artist, you need to show who you are as that’s what your audience will fall in love with
  • People gravitate towards what they can relate to
  • Having a niche is great, as long as it’s authentic to you
  • Your brand encompasses everything about you
  • If you love a particular product, post about it and see if any opportunities arise
  • If you’re releasing some new music, you need to be consistent in your approach and start your promotion at least 3 months before release.
  • You have to be able to take constructive criticism.


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