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Malynda Hale: Audience Connection, Veganism & Gavin DeGraw

This week, we’re excited to welcome Los Angeles based musician, actor and model, Malynda Hale to the show. Malynda is a multi-talented performer, classically trained in both vocal performance and musical theatre. In her music career, Malynda has won many independent awards and has released 3 studio EPs to date. As an actor, she can be seen in several major and independent film projects, including The 4th Meeting, and Oranges, and is also working on a new TV series, Agent X. Malynda co-hosts The Vampire Diaries After Show on The Stream.tv and serves as the main host for The Walking Dead After Show. She is a spokesperson for vegan makeup company Valana Minerals and is the founder of The meTOO! Campaign, which promotes equality for marginalized couples. Her new EP Pieces Of Me is due for release in late October, 2015.


  • Malynda uses vegan soul food to introduce her friends to veganism
  • We learn that Malynda thought she wanted to pursue musical theatre, but enjoyed pop and soul more
  • Malynda trained in opera and the techniques she has learned have given her the stamina to perform for a long time
  • We talk about the misconceptions that people have about getting vocal lessons – they don’t change your voice, they just teach you how to use it!
  • Malynda gives us a big piece of advice – don’t move to Chicago in the winter
  • We talk about how asking for help can free you up to work on other things
  • We’re all examples of control freaks… but it’s important to know when to delegate and ask for help
  • Malynda tells us about her upcoming EP and what we can expect from it
  • We talk about how being an eclectic artist can help to increase your reach
  • Marcio personally insults Malynda by not knowing who Gavin DeGraw is
  • Ross sets Malynda a challenge to record a mashup of a Michael Jackson and Michael Bolton song – and she accepts!
  • Ross shares his concerns about why he doesn’t want to watch Game of Thrones – and Malynda shared the same concerns, but loves it
  • Malynda tells us why she became a vegan, and why others should consider it


  • Put away your pride and don’t be afraid to ask for help
  • Showing your personality and being transparent attracts the people you want to have around you
  • Being authentic is the best way to build a fanbase that really care about you
  • Stop comparing yourself to other people


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