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Madalyn Sklar: Twitter Tips, Women In Music & #GGchat

This week we’re welcoming music business and social media coach Madalyn Sklar to the show. Madalyn has been running GoGirls Music – a unique organization that focuses on advancing the careers of independent female musicians – for over 20 years, and hosts the popular #ggchat on Twitter every Thursday. She has been named one of 10 Powerful Women in Music by Curve magazine and one of the 15 People You Should Know In the Biz by Indie-Music.com.

Most recently Madalyn launched the Twitter Smarter podcast which features interviews from some of the top social media experts on how to use Twitter to its fullest potential. In this interview she shares some great tips on how artists can use Twitter, why you should be getting involved in Twitter chats, and the importance of listening vs broadcasting on social media.


  • We hear how Madalyn could be a cult leader because of GoGirls Music
  • Madalyn tells us she started GoGirls Music because she was tired of being ignored in guitar shops because she was female
  • We talk about how Madalyn has used the internet to build a strong community of musicians
  • We discuss how women are often still mistreated in the music industry
  • Madalyn talks about how many musicians leave the industry when they become a parents
  • We hear about Madalyn’s #TwitterSmarter podcast and she shares some of the advice she’s received on the show
  • Madalyn is an early adopter to technology and isn’t afraid to fail
  • Madalyn runs the #ggchat every Thursday @ 3pm EST & 9pm EST
  • We hear how rewarding building a community can be
  • People assume Madalyn is all about chick music, but they’re wrong!
  • We hear about a time that Madalyn saw Incubus perform at a parking lot
  • Madalyn questions the purpose of the questions in our 20 Questions round (and we do, too)
  • We hear how #ggchat caught Amanda Palmer’s attention


  • Just get on Twitter and use it!
  • Participate in Twitter chats and learn from what others are doing
  • Artists should use Twitter because it’s a great place to meet people who can help your music career
  • Tag people you’re talking about in your tweets
  • Be consistent with your posting
  • No-one will take you seriously if you haven’t posted in weeks
  • Don’t just push your content – listen to conversations and communicate


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