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Judy Stakee: Artist Development, Perspective & Attitude

This week on Bridge The Atlantic, we welcome Judy Stakee, to the show. Judy is the founder of The Judy Stakee Company, a full-service artist development and entertainment company that develops the minds, bodies and souls of artists and songwriters to achieve the career of their dreams. As Senior VP of Creative at Warner Chappell Music for 20 years, Judy signed and worked with artists such as Sheryl Crow, Michelle Branch and Gavin DeGraw. Judy has recently released a book – The Songwriter’s Survival Guide – where she shares her trade secrets, and teaches you how to handle meetings with music executives confidently, achieve a creative and financially rewarding co-write, and even discover how to be the CEO of your own company.


  • Ross and Judy share a story about how they are connected
  • Judy tells us about working with our past guest and friend, Tyler Hilton
  • We hear what Judy looks for in an artist and what separates those who succeed vs those who don’t
  • “You know when a star walks into the room”
  • You can have whatever career you want, as long as you’re willing to put a lot of hard work
  • “Nothing is stopping you, but you” – Judy Stakee, 2015
  • Now, artists need to know how to tell stories, take meetings and hire a team
  • We hear about the education Judy received from working in the music industry, and how she’s used this to launch her company
  • Judy shares how the financial aspect took over the music industry, and everything changed in the mid 2000s
  • Most of the business doesn’t want to pay for artist development… and this is where The Judy Stakee Company comes in!
  • “Before we do a photoshoot, before we go into production, we need to get the songs right” – Judy Stakee, 2015
  • There are programs for architects and doctors, but there has never been a cohesive structure or process for songwriters entering the business
  • Judy tells us about why she wrote “The Songwriter’s Survival Guide” and the role our friend Phil played in its creation
  • We talk about how a lot of people just want to be famous now rather than being known for something
  • Judy shares a success story of one of her artists, Julian Bunetta who is now writing for acts like One Direction and Fifth Harmony
  • Judy shares her least favourite word to include in a song… and it’s the title of one of Marcio’s new songs!
  • “You can have the most talented person in the world, but if they don’t have the attitude – who cares?” – Judy Stakee, 2015


  • Hire a business manager early on
  • Put mentors in place, who can guide you in your career

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