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Suzanne Paulinski: Mindset & Monotasking in the Music Industry

This week we welcome Suzanne Paulinski aka the Rock/Star Advocate to the show. Suzanne started out in the music industry as an intern for Atlantic Records and college rep for WEA. She managed the national street team & mid-west retail for Astralwerks (EMI) and co-founded Mad Dragon Records as she completed her music business degree. In addition to her music business experience, Suzanne is a former paralegal with a masters in psychology. Now, with The Rock/Star Advocate, she is living out her dream of helping musicians and their teams turn their passions into careers.

Alyssa Parma - Fight Highlights:

  • We hear about Suz’s current biggest challenges in the music industry – and it’s all about artist’s priorities
  • Suz tells us about what mindset is and how it’s especially important for musicians
  • As an artist, not getting the response you want to what you’re putting out there can take it’s toll
  • Mindset will help you to redefine the hustle and get to a more focused and centered place
  • There are so many distractions out there – you need to learn how to drown out the noise and focus on your goals
  • “Don’t compare your behind the scenes to someone else’s highlight reel”
  • We talk about how constant notifications can be so disruptive and cause unnecessary anxiety
  • “Monotasking is the best thing ever!” – Suzanne Paulinski, 2016
  • Suz wants us to create #TeamRoss and #TeamMarcio shirts


  • Monotask: stay focused at the task at hand
  • Make sure you’re dedicating time to specific tasks without any other distractions
  • It takes discipline and trust in the process that monotasking vs multitasking actually helps you to get more done
  • Silence your notifications and don’t give in to the distractions of social media when working
  • Give yourself the respect to give your tasks 100%


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