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Jessica Rotter: Finding Your Authentic Voice & Working With Others

This week we’re joined by LA based singer/songwriter Jessica Rotter. Jessica’s voice has been heard across multiple genres, from movies, TV shows and commercials to backing vocals and collaborations with other artists—all in addition to her original songs. The list of artists she has worked with includes names such as Daft Punk, Carole King, Alicia Keys, Sam Smith, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and more.

Jessica is just as comfortable using her voice in a major feature film (credits include Pitch Perfect 1 & 2 and Frozen) as she is performing one of her original songs live. Following the success of charting #1 on HypeMachine with her mashup of Stay/Animal with Emily Colombier, Jessica’s most powerful and ambitious project to date; the full length release of Plains is just around the corner.


  • Jessica is a big believer in everyone shining their light
  • Jessica appreciates creating moments and journeys which are not linear
  • When you’re being authentic, stories come naturally and they don’t need to be defined as plot stories
  • We hear how the approach to working on music for a commercial varies from working on Jessica’s own material
  • Finding her authentic voice was one of the most important parts of Jessica’s musical journey
  • Jessica found her authentic voice by not caring what others thought or expected to hear and just doing what felt right
  • We talk about how amazing things can happen when you collaborate outside of your genre
  • Jessica tells us what she learned from working with artists such as Alicia Keys and Carole King
  • Working with Carole King helped Jessica learn how to work and interact with other musicians
  • “The more you work with cool people, the less nervous you are about working with more cool people” – Jessica Rotter, 2016
  • We talk about how some of the most established artists are (sometimes surprisingly) the most gracious and humble
  • We talk about how everyone involved in a performance is creating that moment together
  • “People are people and people are equal” – Jessica Rotter, 2016
  • Marcio tries to guess Jessica’s 20 Questions answers… with limited success
  • Jessica met Ryan Gosling once and she says they had no chemistry


  • It doesn’t matter what anyone else says – if you have art inside you, you should be creating
  • Don’t worry about the results – just create

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