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Brian Thompson: Zen Thinking, Passion & The Flow State

This week we’re joined by inspirational poet, writer, speaker, and podcaster, Brian Thompson. Brian is the host of the Zen Thinking podcast, and the author of the soon-to-be-released book, Sparks to Awaken. His goal with Zen Thinking is to provide an entirely new perspective for people to consider their life through, one that allows them to live more wisely, with compassion, purpose, clarity and happiness.

Before shifting to writing full time, Brian spent close to 25 years in the music industry. He managed a chain of music retail stores, he started a record label and artist management company, and tour-managed a successful hard rock band. In this interview we hear about Brian’s work and how the philosophies he explores through his writing can be applied to creative professionals.

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  • “No matter where you are, there you are” – Brian Thompson
  • Through his writing, Brian explores the concepts of being
  • The only truth that can ever be spoken is: “I am” – anything else is just trouble!
  • Brian tells us about transitioning from working in the music industry to what he does now with Zen Thinking
  • We hear that Brian needed to live his life with passion, and it’s that which moved him towards writing, and away from the music business
  • Brian was observing his life through a narrow lens and was unhappy with that point of view – so had to make a change
  • We have to ask ourselves “are our goals in life ego driven?”
  • When our goals are absolute and pure, they’re coming from a place of expression rather than ego boosting
  • If you’re creating from an ego-driven place, you’ll always be wanting more
  • Once you know your true self, everything becomes more effortless
  • It was scarier for Brian to continue being unhappy than to change everything in his life
  • We hear how Brian’s transformation was triggered by quitting drinking
  • “We latch ourselves onto these things that we believe define us but the only thing that defines us are our own definitions” – Brian Thompson, 2016
  • Brian tells us about the Zen Thinking podcast and what we can hear on there
  • Brian talks about the flow state and how it relates to artists

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