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Pam Lewis Rudden: Sync Licensing, Music Publishing & Placements

Joining us this week from London, is sync licensing specialist Pam Lewis Rudden. Pam is the founder of Plutonic Group Syncs, a boutique third-party licensing agency specialising in music placement for Television, Films, Advertising, Gaming and Trailers productions that require music with character and individuality.

As a sync licensing specialist, Pam represents artists, songwriters and premium vintage music catalogues along with music publishing companies globally. In this interview, Pam tells us about the difference between sync licensing and publishing, what the role of a sync licensing specialist is, and offers some advice for artists seeking music placements.

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  • Ross once kept Pam on a call just to hear her laugh
  • Pam explains why they started Plutonic Group Syncs, and what a sync licensing specialist does
  • We hear how Pam learned about the sync process through attending conferences
  • Pam explains the difference between sync and master rights
  • “The sync agent is the middleman between the artist and the music supervisor” – Pam Lewis Rudden
  • Pam explains why most music getting placed is from independent artists
  • “It’s important for independent artists to understand what the majors are doing” – Pam Lewis Rudden
  • We hear about the appeal of independent music vs major for sync and licensing
  • Pam iterates the importance of making sure you read the fine print in any publishing or management agreement
  • Pam explains the difference between sync licensing and publishing
  • In sync licensing, you are getting the permission from the master and publishing owners to use the tracks on a media platform
  • “Let me be your dedicated tentacle!” – Pam Lewis Rudden
  • Pam explains the difference between “one stop” and “easy clear” in terms of licensing
  • “Sync should be part of your marketing strategy, but not the be-all and end-all” – Pam Lewis Rudden


  • If you want your music placed, do your research on the shows you would like your music placed in
  • Work with a sync agency who already have the relationships with the music supervisors
  • Placements don’t happen overnight – you have to be realistic
  • Follow submission guidelines closely when submitting your music – they’re there for a reason!

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