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Nathan West (East of Eli): Pursuing Creative Passions, Fatherhood & Unicorns

Joining us this week is musician and actor, Nathan West aka East of Eli. Nathan has had roles in major films as well as independent projects, including such films as Disney’s Miracle and the award winning independent feature Alleged, and is now releasing music as East of Eli.

As East of Eli, Nathan debuted his first single from his sophomore release Lost Transmission on Valentine’s Day in honor of his wife, famed actress Chyler Leigh. East of Eli has received critical acclaim with “American Songwriter” noting West as an artist on the rise. In this interview, we hear more about East of Eli’s upcoming album, how Nathan balances a creative career with fatherhood, and all about his love of unicorns. Yes, really!

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  • Nathan shares how acting lead him to creating the moniker East of Eli
  • We hear all about Nathan’s fascination with unicorns (fun fact – Scotland’s national animal!)
  • We hear how Nathan’s experience as an actor has helped him as a performer
  • Nathan tells us how his first acting agent wanted him to change his name
  • Nathan shares how he balances his career with being a father
  • “If I’m not a musician, I’m not giving my kids the best version of me” – Nathan West
  • “If I’m not on my own journey, I can’t be the best husband or best father I can be” – Nathan West
  • “Music is a vessel for me to contribute what I have to offer to the world” – Nathan West
  • We hear about the new East of Eli album and what we can expect from it
  • Nathan tells us about the studios he recorded the East of Eli album at
  • We talk about how a song is great when it sounds good when stripped down to just a vocal and instrument


  • If you want to pursue multiple roles in the entertainment industry, focus on one at a time
  • It’s all about finding a balance in everything you do

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