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Terry McBride: Nettwerk Music Group, Authenticity in Music & Artist Management

Terry McBride is the CEO of the Nettwerk Music Group, which includes Nettwerk Productions, Nettwerk Management, Nettwerk One, and Artwerks. Founded in his apartment in 1984, Nettwerk has corporate offices in Vancouver, Boston, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, Hamburg and London.

Nettwerk’s management roster includes artists such as Fun, Guster, The Stereophonics and Alexi Murdoch. Since 1984, Nettwerk Productions has released over 500 albums and sold over 150 million copies worldwide. In this interview, Terry shares why he thinks authenticity is the most important factor in artist success, what Nettwerk look for in artists they want to work with, and more.

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  • Terry shares that the most important thing for artist success today is authenticity
  • “A song is an emotion” – Terry McBride
  • “If you’re not authentic as an artist, how can people relate to you?” – Terry McBride
  • Terry tells us one of the biggest mistakes artist make is that they don’t know where they’re going
  • “Artists who rely on others to do everything for them won’t be successful” – Terry McBride
  • “Artists have to realise it is THEIR career, not their manager’s career” – Terry McBride
  • Terry shares how he believes there is going to be a resurgence in the middle class artist
  • We hear how Nettwerk’s criteria for management, label and publishing artists are all different
  • “Stick with what you love!” – Terry McBride
  • We talk about how a common thread across our interviews is the importance of following your gut feeling
  • “If we could have shrunk the first 10 years of Nettwerk into 2 years, that would have been awesome” – Terry McBride


  • For artist managers – “Understand the marketplace really well and know where you can add value”

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