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Troi Irons: Songwriting, Publishing Deals & Signing to Def Jam Records

Joining us this week is LA based singer/songwriter Troi Irons. Troi is currently signed to Def Jam Records, and in 2016, she released her acclaimed Turbulence EP. Brimming with self-reflective lyrics and instantly-catchy choruses. As well as writing for herself, Troi also writes and produces for other artists, and directs music videos. In this interview, we hear more about her influences, how she approaches writing for other artists, and her experience with Def Jam Records. Enjoy!

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  • Troi’s “3 Things We Should Know” are some of the most interesting we’ve had so far!
  • Marcio and Troi bond over their germophobic tendencies
  • We talk with Troi about her influences, and how they have impacted on her writing and performing
  • We hear about the music Troi grew up listening to and those artists have influenced her
  • Troi tells us how writing for other artists compares to writing for herself
  • We hear how Troi helps other artists tell their stories through collaboration
  • “As much of the artist’s vocabulary that can be in an artist’s song, the more powerful it’s going to feel when they sing it” – Troi Irons
  • When writing a song for another artist, it’s important to put your ego aside, and serve the artist the best you can
  • Troi shares how Def Jam have supported her and see their artists as a long term investment
  • “Def Jam are really invested in the artist’s creative vision” – Troi Irons
  • Troi calls one of our questions in our 20 Questions section “dirty” – and we like it!
  • Troi explains the difference between a publishing and record deal
  • We hear how Troi has learned that it’s not all about her – it’s important to share a positive message rather than be the most successful


  • When writing, quality over quantity is important
  • Publishing deals can be helpful to have before a record deal
  • Troi wouldn’t recommend signing to a major publishing company, and suggests indie publishing companies
  • When choosing a label, think about what you want and what kind of artist you want to be – that will influence your decision

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