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Bree Noble: Women in the Music Industry, Podcasting & Staying Organized

Joining us this week out of California is Bree Noble. Bree is a musician, entrepreneur and speaker, and she is the host of the Female Entrepreneur Musician Podcast, founder and CEO of Women of Substance Music Radio & Podcast, as well as being a music business trainer & mentor.

Bree draws on her experience running her own music business to train and mentor other female musicians, with her goal being to to de-mystify and simplify the business side of music for her clients. In this interview, we hear the advice she’d offer to musicians, why she thinks the music industry has become a better place for women, and how musicians and creative entrepreneurs can become more organized.

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  • Bree describes our show as “not boring” and that makes us very happy!
  • We hear that Bree loves 80s music and Marcio challenges her knowledge!
  • Bree shares the benefits of musicians appearing on podcasts
  • “Interview podcasts let people get to know you as a person, and not just a voice or musician” – Bree Noble
  • “People are really interested in the stories behind artists” – Bree Noble
  • Bree shares some tips for finding podcasts to be featured on, and how to approach them
  • We hear how Bree has improved as a podcaster over the course of 500 episodes
  • Bree shares how she believes the music industry has become a better place for women in recent years
  • “The power of the indie right now has really empowered women” – Bree Noble
  • We hear why Bree decided to focus on showcasing women in music – as she felt they were underrepresented in the industry
  • Bree tells us how she manages to balance so many different commitments and projects
  • We talk about the importance of being organised as a creative entrepreneur


  • “Set up 90 day goals, and figure out the action steps needed to achieve them, and calendarize them” – Bree Noble
  • Block off time to do specific things on your to-do list; make sure you create enough space to complete these tasks
  • Find a mentor in the industry who can teach you and answer your questions
  • “If you really have the talent or drive to succeed, you have to keep doing it!”
  • You have to push through the periods of self doubt about your music

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