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Tyler Bancroft (Said The Whale): Listening Parties, Social Media & Creative Freedom

Joining us this week out of Vancouver is Said The Whale’s Tyler Bancroft. Said The Whale are a JUNO award winning band, with 5 full length albums, and numerous EPs to their name since 2007. They also achieved a #1 hit Canadian Rock/Alternative chart in 2013 with “I Love You”

The band have recently released their new record “As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide” which has taken Said The Whale back to its freeform roots while simultaneously venturing forward into uncharted art-pop territory. In this interview, we hear more about the new record, how the band promoted it, and the advice Tyler would offer to his fellow musicians.

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  • Marcio has invented a new theme park – Welcome to “DadLand”
  • Tyler tells us about Said The Whale’s return to their earlier sound on the new record
  • We hear how Said The Whale’s drummer and bassist left, which helped steer the change in musical direction
  • Tyler shares how with fewer members, the band has more creative freedom
  • Marcio calls Ross out on an error in the notes, and Tyler says it’s because Ross is “gangsta” (so true)
  • Tyler tells us about the listening parties their fans hosted for the release of the new Said The Whale record
  • We get a little nostalgic about how we used to listen to music vs how we listen now
  • Tyler shares how he tries to consume music the same way younger people are, to try and get his head around it
  • “There’s a different way of experiencing music now, but we have to try and embrace that” – Tyler Bancroft
  • Tyler tells us how Said The Whale have had to adapt to social media to communicate with fans
  • We hear that the band’s approach to fan connection is the same, but the methods have changed due to social media
  • Tyler talks about the importance of engaging with your audience and making fans one person at a time


  • Make your social media more of a discussion, rather than just telling people to listen to your music
  • Be engaging and inspire discussion
  • Be nice to everyone – you don’t know where people are going to end up
  • Be respectful of those who are supportive of your music
  • The experience of everyone matters – regardless of the size of the audience
  • Ross’ favourite advice – “Don’t be a douche”
  • “Don’t buy a tour van! They’’ll just eat your money.“ – Tyler Bancroft

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