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Alexis Kimbrough: Growth Group, Making Money as a Musician & Knowing Your Value

Our guest today is Alexis Kimbrough out of Atlanta, Georgia. Alexis is the founder of Growth Group – an accounting firm focusing on musicians and creative businesses. With Growth Group, Alexis helps musicians manage their taxes, plan for recording and touring, and more.

Alexis has dedicated her accounting career to helping music creators make a prosperous living by loving their craft, and in this interview we hear the most common problems musicians have around money, when musicians should start working with an accountant, and more.

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  • “Growth Group is my giveback to a music community that gave to me” – Alexis Kimbrough
  • Alexis shares one of the biggest fears artists have around making money
  • “In addition to the creation, you have to be willing to market yourself” – Alexis Kimbrough
  • Alexis shares that too many musicians devalue their work because they’re worried about being seen as a sellout
  • “As musicians you change people’s hearts – and that is valuable” – Alexis Kimbrough
  • Alexis shares that musicians bring a valuable service to the world and they should be compensated
  • “What you offer to the world is valuable and there should be no shame in making money from it” – Alexis Kimbrough
  • “Selling out is not making money – it’s doing something that isn’t true to you” – Marcio Novelli
  • Alexis shares some of the most common problems musicians have around money
  • We hear from Alexis how artists can start saving and managing their money successfully
  • Alexis shares that small changes in habits can make a big difference over time to saving money
  • “Once you’ve monetized your music, you should start working with an accountant” – Alexis Kimbrough
  • An accountant can also help you to audit your time to make sure you’re making the best use of your time


  • When it comes to recording or touring – start with the resources you already have
  • An accountant should ask you about your goals, so you know whether they can help you achieve them
  • Make sure any accountant you are working with is certified and can legally work with you
  • Check if an accountant has worked with musicians before, so they have the right experience

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