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Summer Swee-Singh: Music Composition, Endorsements & Skrillex

Joining us this week out of Orange County, California is Summer Swee-Singh. Summer is a professional pianist, keyboard player, music director, composer, film scorer, music arranger, and piano consultant. As a professional solo pianist, Summer has performed for audiences as large as 10,000 people and has performed for two TED-sanctioned TEDx events. In addition to performing, Summer has also dabbled in film scoring, having composed the music for two short documentaries and one tech commercial thus far.

Summer also runs a YouTube channel where she posts many of her musical arrangements; her channel has over 6,000 subscribers and she has amassed over 2 million total video views. Multi-Grammy-winning artist Skrillex and Campa of The Cataracs have reposted her cover medley arrangements on social media. In this interview we hear how Summer approaches the different roles she plays as a musician, her advice on getting endorsements from music companies, and more.

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  • Summer shares that she wasn’t planning on pursuing music – she was actually going to be a lawyer!
  • We hear how Skrillex shared one of Summer’s medleys on social media and it took her by surprise
  • “Skrillex posting my music online was one of my big breaks, and I didn’t even know it!” – Summer Swee-Singh
  • “I choose to cover what I like to listen to, or what people request me to cover” – Summer Swee-Singh
  • We hear how Summer approaches different “roles” as a musician and the mindset shift required
  • Summer tells us how she values the experience vs the education of music
  • We hear how Summer writes by ear, and how she needs to feel inspired to create compositions
  • We hear that music arrangement comes naturally to Summer, and she hears music in solfege
  • We learn why Summer is known as the piano DJ – she loves to weave songs together when performing
  • We talk about how intense musical training can sometimes be detrimental to the creative process
  • We talk about the elitism that exists particularly in classical and jazz music
  • “Steve Carell acknowledging my existence would be IT for me!” – Summer Swee-Singh
  • “Networking doesn’t need to be a dirty word!” – Marcio Novelli


  • Network! The music industry is all about hustle.
  • The industry is so saturated – to be the person they call for sessions, you have to make your name known
  • If you want to be endorsed by a brand, reach out to Artist Relations and find out the requirements
  • When thinking about endorsements, make sure you have a pitch and you can provide benefit

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