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Damian Keyes: Music Education, Effective Social Media & The 1% Rule

Joining us this week out of Brighton, England is music industry entrepreneur, speaker and all round music business champion Damian Keyes. After founding The British Institute of Modern Music aka BIMM, which is now valued at over £50M, Damian went on to build and invest in several other businesses including DK Music Management, DK Music Academy & Warble Entertainment. As a musician, he’s also played some impressive shows – including performing at London’s Hyde Park to 150,000 people alongside Eric Clapton, Alanis Morissette, The Who, & Bob Dylan.

Damian sold his shares in BIMM in 2010 and started DK Music Management, a commercial band management company to help musicians find work after leaving music education. DKMM is now the largest commercial band management company in the Europe with over 200 musicians performing weekly. Now, Damian is educating and inspiring musicians via his Facebook and YouTube videos, with actionable and motivational advice. In this interview, Damian shares some great advice on using social media effectively as artists, building a team, his thoughts on music education and more.

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  • Damian shares how he believes music education has changed over time
  • “When it comes to music education, we are in the noisiest time we’ve ever been” – Damian Keyes
  • “Music education is all about inspiration and being around people who can guide you” – Damian Keyes
  • Damian shares how going into music education with a clear goal in mind can be a beneficial experience
  • Damian tells us about the most common questions and misconceptions artists have around the music industry
  • “The biggest myth is that people need the industry to find and discover them to have success” – Damian Keyes
  • “Whoever has the audience, has control” – Damian Keyes
  • We talk about balancing multiple projects and delegating tasks to other members of the team
  • “I surround myself with people who can help me do the things I want to achieve” – Damian Keyes
  • We hear how important trust is to Damian when building a team
  • “Only spend your time on the most important things – anything you can delegate, delegate” – Damian Keyes
  • Damian shares the 1% rule – make what you’re doing just 1% better every day – it all adds up
  • We talk about how artists should share each other’s content more often


  • Pick 1 or 2 social media platforms and learn how people consume the content, rather than spreading yourself too thin
  • Think about your skillset and choose a platform which lets you use that
  • When using social media, the key point is to think about the end user

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