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Kevin Cadogan (XEB): Third Eye Blind, The Journey vs The Destination, Publishing & Copyright

Our guest this week is Kevin Cadogan out of Berkley, California. Kevin is a founding member of Third Eye Blind and performed with the band from 1993 to 2000. He co-wrote some of the band’s most notable hits, including “How’s It Going to Be”, “Losing a Whole Year”, and “Graduate.”

Since parting ways with Third Eye Blind, Kevin has released solo material and has also began touring with XEB, a band made up of ex-Third Eye Blind members. In this episode we hear more about XEB, Kevin’s experience in the music industry, and the advice he’d offer to bands early in their career.

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  • We talk about Third Eye Blind’s early record deal and Kevin tells us about his experience
  • On Third Eye Blind’s first record deal: “I knew that we had a great shot and there were great people behind us” – Kevin Cadogan
  • We talk with Kevin about the perception people have of signed artists compared to the reality
  • Kevin shares some of the backstory behind him parting ways with Third Eye Blind
  • “Parting ways with Third Eye Blind was down to business and the ownership of the band name” – Kevin Cadogan
  • “How a band is set up as corporation is the last thing you want to think about when you’re creating” – Kevin Cadogan
  • “The single most important thing I did was copyright my material” – Kevin Cadogan
  • We hear about XEB and what we can expect from a live XEB show
  • “The DMV – bringing people together”
  • Kevin shares how doing a podcast episode helped bring past Third Eye Blind members together to form XEB
  • “For XEB, all’s well that ends well” – Kevin Cadogan
  • “No-one cares about the band member individually – it’s the band they care about” – Kevin Cadogan


  • “If you’re a band, make sure you have equity in the band” – Kevin Cadogan
  • “The destination you’re hoping for is a difficult one, and it has to be about the journey” – Kevin Cadogan
  • Success is not an instant overnight thing
  • Stay in control of your trademark and social media

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