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Riley Smith: Seizing Opportunities, Music in Nashville and Setting Goals

Joining us this week out of Los Angeles is actor and musician, Riley Smith. Riley’s TV credits include recurring roles in 24, True Blood and Nashville, as well as a leading role in the CW series, Frequency. These roles got him in front of the people, but his love for music introduced him to them in a way unlike any other role he has played.

Musically, Riley’s past successes include supporting Jordin Sparks, a residency at the iconic Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles and a European tour. He’s also had major radio play and numerous film and TV placements. In this interview we hear more about Riley’s acting career, his time in Nashville, and his new EP. He also shares some great advice for aspiring actors.



  • We learn that Riley collects Starbucks coffee mugs – now you know what to get him for Christmas!
  • We talk with Riley about how people are more interested than our pets and/or kids on Instagram
  • Riley shares some of the highlights and turning points from his acting career
  • “Every project has been a turning point as it leads to the next one” – Riley Smith
  • Riley shares how he tries to choose acting roles that will make a difference in his career
  • We hear about the opportunities and experiences that starring in Nashville gave him
  • “Any opportunity you get in life, is a great opportunity to have” – Riley Smith
  • We talk about how Riley seized the opportunity of being in Nashville to write and record his new EP
  • Riley shares how he’s very goal driven and how he works to achieve them
  • “I usually try and go into projects with a clear goal of what I want to achieve from them” – Riley Smith
  • Riley tells us what he learned about songwriting during his time in Nashville
  • On songwriting: “Know what you want to write about and give yourself a clear direction” – Riley Smith
  • We hear about Riley’s new EP and the inspiration behind it
  • Riley shares how life on the road and as an actor can be lonely – which is a big theme of his EP
  • We hear how the songs Riley was writing for the EP coincidentally related to his character on Nashville

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