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Bif Naked: Starting a Label, Advocacy & Career Longevity

Joining us out of Vancouver is recording artist and author, Bif Naked. Bif has had an extremely successful career as a musician, with 10 studio albums and countless tours to her name. She is a celebrated and diverse artist and writer known for sliding easily between her punk roots, to rock, pop, alternative, and contemporary genres of music. Bif’s music has been featured in TV shows such as The Tonight Show and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and she’s been described as “Princess of Punk” and The “Rock Goddess.”

An artist with an unquestionable work ethic, Bif insisted on working throughout her cancer treatment in 2008, and as a result of talking with other patients, found her passion for advocacy work and joy in speaking and lecturing. In April 2016, Bif released her memoir, “I Bificus” which documents her career, and her personal struggles and triumphs. She is currently bringing her “Songs and Stories Tour” to the world, combining readings from her book with acoustic performances.

In this interview we hear all about Bif’s experience in starting her own label, how important her advocacy work is to her, and the advice she’d offer to her fellow musicians. Enjoy!



  • We hear how Bif started her own label out of necessity in the mid 90s
  • Bif shares what she learned through starting and running her own label
  • “I’d like to go into music management when I become an adult, someday!” – Bif Naked
  • Bif shares the impact she feels the internet has had on the music industry
  • “Write music, release it, and tour to support the product” – Bif Naked
  • Bif shares how touring is the main revenue stream that most artists have
  • We hear how Bif feels it’s important as an artist to get your message out there through social media
  • “On social media, one thing I CAN control is how I come across to people” – Bif Naked
  • Bif talks about how she approaches her vegan advocacy on social media
  • Bif tells us about her cancer diagnosis and how it impacted on her life both personally and as an artist
  • We hear about Bif’s Songs and Stories tour, and what the audience can expect from a show
  • Bif shares advice for artists who want to achieve longevity in their career
  • We hear the one thing that Bif wishes she could tell her younger self

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