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Mark Fraser: The Curator Podcast, Interview Preparation & Podcasting Challenges

This week we’re joined by a fellow podcaster, Mark Fraser from Glasgow. Mark is the host of The Curator Podcast, an interview based show which focuses on creativity and passion. His show has featured guests such as Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World, Ian Mackaye of Fugazi, Laura Jane Grace of Against Me, Scottish broadcaster Vic Galloway, and singer/songwriter Allison Weiss.

Mark is also a keen musician, currently rocking guitar and vocals in False Hopes. He was also the editor and co-founder of the music website Daily Dischord until 2014 and hosted the Daily Dischord radio show on Subcity Radio. In this interview we talk about the importance of interviews for musicians and creatives, how to prepare for a podcast interview, and some of the challengers we face as podcasters.




  • Mark shares why he thinks interviews are important for creatives
  • “In a podcast interview, you get an authentic feel for what an artist is saying” – Mark Fraser
  • Mark shares how the connection you can make with an artist through a podcast is unprecedented in journalism
  • Mark’s advice for approaching a podcast interview: “Be real and be genuine”
  • “If you don’t know how to be interviewed, then your message is going to get lost” – Mark Fraser
  • We talk about the give and take between interviewer and interviewee
  • Mark shares how the human interaction is one of the biggest draws of podcast interviews
  • We hear about some of the lessons Mark has learned through running The Curator Podcast
  • Mark shares some of the challenges he faces with The Curator Podcast
  • “The way you present everything that you create and curate is what makes your brand work” – Mark Fraser
  • We talk about how publicists, managers and podcasters can work more effectively together
  • Mark shares one of his pet peeves when approaching publicists about setting up interviews
  • Mark shares his advice for making yourself as podcast-ready as possible
  • We hear the advice Mark would offer to people who want to start a podcast
  • “If you stick at podcasting for yourself, it will be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do” – Mark Fraser

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