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Michael Kaminsky: Band Management, Adventure Cat Records & Teamwork

Joining us this week out of California is artist manager Michael Kaminsky. Michael is the founder of KMGMT, who have had a decade of worldwide success starting with multi-platinum artists 3OH!3. Since then, KMGMT has discovered, developed, and delivered some of pop-punk’s most recognizable names, most-anticipated albums, and biggest sold out tours with artists like Neck Deep, Creeper, Tonight Alive, As It Is, The Summer Set and more.

Most recently, Michael launched Adventure Cat Records – a new independent label from the artist management team at KMGMT. Adventure Cat Records is KMGMT’s commitment to continue to build a supportive community for their favorite genre of music. They bring together expertise in management, writing, publishing, production, marketing, publicity all in one place. In this interview we learn more about a manager’s role, why Michael started Adventure Cat Records, and the advice he’d offer to bands and musicians today.

  • Michael shares some of the misconceptions bands have around a manager’s role
  • “A manager’s role is to amplify things that are already there” – Michael Kaminsky
  • “Whatever the day holds, you have to be proactively coming up with ideas or plans to make things happen” – Michael Kaminsky
  • Michael tells us what a typical day in the life of an artist manager entails
  • “We can be most effective when we take something that is defined, and build a team around it” – Michael Kaminsky
  • We hear about the story behind KMGMT and why Michael started Adventure Cat Records
  • Michael tells us what sets Adventure Cat Records apart from other labels
  • Michael shares his vision for Adventure Cat Records being known for a certain quality of music
  • We talk about the benefits of signing to a label vs taking the DIY route
  • Michael tells us what bands need to be doing themselves before bringing a manager or label on board
  • “What’s interesting to anyone in the industry is a band who’s out there hustling and it’s working” – Michael Kaminsky
  • “It’s not a short game – it’s a very, very long game, and many bands just quit too soon” – Michael Kaminsky

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