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Trey Pearson: Coming Out, Being a LGBT Artist, & the Love is Love EP

Joining us this week out of Ohio is singer/songwriter Trey Pearson. With his band Everyday Sunday, Trey Pearson has sold hundreds of thousands of records, and amassed millions of streams. He has scored 5 #1 U.S. singles and 20 Top 10 hits. His song “Wake Up! Wake Up!” was the most-played Christian rock song of 2007, and his 2009 album, “Best Night of Our Lives,” broke onto the coveted Billboard 200 chart. Trey has toured in all 50 states and 20 countries, playing with musicians such as Switchfoot and Relient K.

Recently Trey came out as gay, and made national news. His announcement started a national conversation with a television appearance on The View. It has been covered by The New York Times, Billboard Magazine, CNN and more, as he became the most trending topic worldwide on Facebook. His first solo EP “Love Is Love” was just released, and in this interview we hear more about that, Trey’s experience of coming out as a LGBTQ musician, and more.




  • We find out if Trey feels pressure to achieve similar success with his solo material to the success he achieved with Everyday Sunday
  • “Music has been very therapeutic for me” – Trey Pearson
  • “I’m insanely proud of this new album and I’m more proud of this than anything I’ve done before” – Trey Pearson
  • We hear about the passion Trey feels to be a positive and supportive role model in the LGBT community
  • Trey tells us about the reaction his coming out received, and how he handled being all over national news
  • Trey shares how he sees his media exposure as an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives
  • We hear about Trey’s recently released debut solo EP “Love Is Love” and what we can expect from it
  • Trey tells us about the influences behind the new record, and what he wanted to achieve with it
  • Trey on his new EP: “It’s pop music but it’s honest pop music and very vulnerable”
  • Trey offers advice to LGBT artists who are worried about the impact coming out could have on their career
  • We hear what Trey would do differently, looking back on his career to date
  • Trey tells us about his relationship between his faith and his sexuality

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