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Kris Allen: American Idol, Surviving a Car Crash & Trusting Your Gut

Joining us this week out of Nashville is award winning singer/songwriter and American Idol winner Kris Allen. Kris was crowned the winner of Idol in 2008, and since then has released 5 studio albums, amassing hundreds of thousands of sales and millions of streams.

Kris is now releasing music on his own label, Dog Bear Records – with both releases so far charting in the top 20 on Billboard’s Independent chart. In this interview we hear about Kris’ American Idol experience and how it’s impacted on his career, how a car crash has changed his life both personally and musically, and the advice he’d offer to his fellow musicians.



  • We learn Kris is missing a rib, is very honest, and is not a morning person (but who is?!)
  • Kris tells us what he learned from his American Idol experience
  • “American Idol taught me that I could belong in the music industry” – Kris Allen
  • Kris tells us how he had to re-learn how to play guitar after a car crash in 2013
  • “I took a lot of things for granted – when something gets taken from you, you either cry about it or learn to rise above it” – Kris Allen
  • We hear how Kris believes he’s become a better songwriter and a better person as a result of surviving a car crash
  • We hear about the songs Kris has been working on, and that there will be a new album in 2018
  • Kris shares the advice he’d offer to musicians who want to participate in a talent competition like American Idol
  • “Be yourself, and don’t expect anything. And remember the TV world is very different from the music world” – Kris Allen
  • Kris tells us how he wishes he had trusted his gut more early on in his career
  • “My gut has always been right for me, and it’s the thing I trust most – especially nowadays” – Kris Allen
  • We talk with Kris about how advice can often be valuable, but you should always listen to your gut
  • “When I think about what I do, this is my life, this is my career…I’m the one who has to live by the decisions” – Kris Allen

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