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Nick Blagona: Hiring A Producer & Recording Studio Mistakes

Joining us this week is Juno nominated producer and engineer Nick Blagona out of Ontario. Nick’s credits include Cat Stevens,The Police, Deep Purple, Alexisonfire, Foo Fighters, Green Day and our very own Marcio Novelli.

Nick has been integral to the history of music recording in Canada and internationally, and he has created recordings that played pivotal on the world stage for almost 45 years. In this interview, we hear about the mistakes Nick has seen musicians make over the years, how artists should prepare for a studio session, and more. Enjoy!




  • We learn that as well as being an awesome producer/engineer, Nick is a terrible golfer, loves music from the 1930s and writes screenplays

  • Nick shares some of the biggest mistakes he’s seen musicians make in the studio

  • “Sometimes mistakes end up being a hit record!” – Nick Blagona

  • “In the recording studio, you should be allowed to make mistakes” – Nick Blagona

  • Nick tells us what artists should be looking for when choosing a producer

  • Nick shares some mistakes that artists make when hiring a producer for their project

  • “If hiring a producer, do it for 2 songs and see how it feels” – Nick Blagona

  • “You really have to follow your gut reaction!” – Nick Blagona

  • Nick shares what a producer looks for when choosing whether to work on a project or not, and it’s all down to one thing!

  • “An artist should always know his or her limitations” – Nick Blagona

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