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Darrin Pfeiffer: Goldfinger, Band Management & Contacting Labels

Joining us this week out of California is Darrin Pfeiffer! Darrin is best known as the drummer of Platinum selling pop punk band Goldfinger, but as well as being a musician he is also an accomplished label owner and radio host.

Darrin is the owner of High 4 Recordings & High 4 Management, and presents the Dangerous Darrin show on Idobi Radio where he interviews musicians and athletes. In this interview, we hear the advice Darrin would offer to musicians who are seeking management or label support, and more!


  • Darrin Pfeiffer on artist management: “I know what bugs musicians and the things I wish I didn’t do!”
  • When approaching a manager or label you have to ask yourself “do you have the songs?”
  • “Managers and agents are going to put a lot of work in for free, so they want to make sure the time they invest is going to be rewarded down the line” – Darrin Pfeiffer
  • “You HAVE to have a presence online” – Darrin Pfeiffer
  • “You have to be nice and over the top appreciative when contacting labels, and be diligent with your responses and follow ups” – Darrin Pfeiffer
  • “Don’t make decisions when you’re angry – when you’re in a band, you’re going to be angry with your bandmates, and I’ve made bad decisions when I’ve been angry” – Darrin Pfeiffer
  • We hear about Darrin’s new Idobi Radio show, The Dangerous Darrin Show

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